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In March 2017 Action Old Kilpatrick (AOK) were awarded funding by the Heritage Lottery Fund to undertake an oral history project about the history and heritage of the village of Old Kilpatrick. Shortly thereafter a small group of AOK volunteers received training at the Scottish Oral History Centre, University of Strathclyde and began the process of interviewing residents of the village. In total, 27 people kindly agreed to share their memories which were digitally recorded, summarised and analysed. Birth dates of the interviewees ranged from the early 1930s to the 1970s which allowed an exploration of how things used to be as well as recording the changes that have occurred from the Second World War to the present day. A selection of edited memories can now be found in on this website, as well as a booklet, presented alongside fascinating images, many of which were generously donated by the interviewees. For those relatively ‘new’ to the village we’re sure you’ll be amazed at the changes that have taken place. Who today would go for a swim in the Clyde?

In addition to the website and booklet, AOK have also created two audio walks where you can hear the memories of those interviewed. The audio walks will allow users to follow set routes whilst listening to short audio clips that let you ‘see’ the present as the past. In essence it will help bring the past to life. Significant points of local history and heritage include the Forth & Clyde Canal, the Erskine Bridge, a former bus depot (the site of a Roman Fort), the former Lanarkshire and Dunbartonshire Railway, the current railway station (formerly the Glasgow Dumbarton & Helensburgh line), local housing, shops and businesses, formal and informal play areas and the Glen and Saltings; important natural habitats and leisure areas. Unlike other more traditional monuments, the audio walks will provide an immediate and intimate experience of past events, helping to reinvigorate an interest in the local history and heritage. The audio walks will also provide the additional health benefit of taking exercise!

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About Old Kilpatrick

Situated between Clydebank and Dumbarton, the village of Old Kilpatrick is bounded to the south by the shores of the River Clyde and to the north by the Kilpatrick Braes. Over the decades it has been witness to many social, economic and cultural changes and yet retains a distinctive ‘village’ identity. On its outskirts it has a long history of rural life whilst its proximity to the Clyde, the famous shipyards, the Forth & Clyde Canal and a major railway line all signify historical links to its heavily industrialized neighbours. The post-war decline of shipbuilding and heavy engineering have now been replaced by smaller industries whilst a rise in tourism and leisure pursuits such as walking and cycling has brought many new visitors to the area.


Obviously, any such project owes a debt of gratitude to many. We would therefore like to thank the Heritage Lottery Fund for their support without which the project would have remained as a nice idea. Of course, an enormous thank you is owed to those who so kindly agreed to share their memories and photographs with us.


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